Jeff Arnold, Photographer

My name is Jeff Arnold and I live and work in the Kansas City area.  My full-time job involves minding several unruly Hadoop clusters, but I occasionally highlight as an award-winning freelance photographer.

My wife Joie helps with artistic consultation, hair, makeup, and other needful corralling.

We specialize in portraiture and event photography, but I personally really have a thing for dead Queen Anne’s Lace (and dead flowers in general) as well as hummingbirds.

If you have comments or suggestions, would like to purchase a print, or are interested in hiring us, please reach out via my contact form or find us on Facebook (FB login required, sorry).


We charge somewhere between free and tens of thousands of dollars for a shoot, depending on what images you want and what you plan to do with them.

Vague and off-putting?  It’s supposed to be.  ;0)

The truth is that photography is just a very small revenue stream for us and we’re not trying to grow or drive a business.  Especially if we’re just acquaintances or if we’ve never met, my best advice would be that you look for another photographer.  I personally recommend Apertur Photography; you can reach her through her Facebook page.

Still think you want us to shoot for you?  Send us an email.


We generally release our work under of one of two licensing models:

And now for something completely different…

In the summer of 1999, my Elven Druid hit level 20 – and in the world of Norrath, that used to mean (and probably still does) that you could claim a surname.  Although I had a Game Master remove the elf’s last name shortly after claiming it (the teleport requests were insane), I have ever since been using the nom de plume “Gediam Willowmourn”.

In 2009, Dave Gross turned “Willowmourn” into a family estate owned by the Gladanas as described in his Pathfinder Tales: Prince of Wolves  fantasy novel based on the Pathfinder Role Playing Game.

Just for clarity, I’ve neither read the book nor played the game, and am in no way affiliated with either Dave Gross or Paizo Publishing.  I’m just a guy who’s been using the Willowmourn moniker for a long time (longer than Dave Gross and Paizo Publishing) and who wanted a unique brand name.